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When the chill of winter is at its peak, you want your home to be a cozy, comforting relief from the cold. Let us make sure your home is well heated during those cold winter days and if your heating system does go down, we can fix it at anytime.

Our Heating Services include:

Gas or Electric Water Heater Replacement

Is your water heater storage tank leaking or making loud noises? Is your water heater not producing hot water? Does the water have a bad odor? Is the water discolored? We suggest you get a contractor to check out these issues for any electrical issues or malfunctioning parts.

Tankless Water Heater Installation, Repair, Replacement

Tankless Water Heaters usually create hot water as needed rather than store it in a tank. There are different models, but are all seen as an energy friendly option. Tankless Water Heaters do not waste the energy of heating water and then storing it.

Thermostat Replacement

Is the thermostat on your air conditioning unit or furnace not working properly? The thermostat directs the equipment on when and how much air or heat to produce. The thermostat may need to be reset or replaced. Common reasons for malfunctions include the thermostat battery being bad or the components not being clean.

Duct Work

Ducts are sources of airflow, which deliver and remove air, and help keep residents comfortable in their homes. If the ducts were not properly installed or maintained, they will likely become dirty and eventually need to be serviced or replaced. It is difficult to see for yourself if mold/dust exists or if there has been an infestation of pests, which is why Hays Heating & Air offers duct inspections. If you are concerned about your home's ducts leaking or needing to be cleaned, ask an HVAC expert.

Air Handler

The air handler is the principle air delivery system for your heating and air conditioning equipment. Comprised of various parts, we troubleshoot and diagnose issues that will keep the air moving within your home.

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